The Second Draft of my Lighting/Texturing Internship Demo Reel

5:42 PM Posted by Rebecca Forth

Rebecca Forth's Lighting/Texturing Demo Reel 2009 from Rebecca Forth on Vimeo.

This is the second version of my demo reel that I submitted to Walt Disney Animation for their Summer 2009 internship. I only made a few tweaks, but I hope to have more pieces for my next version.

Senior Student Short 2010
The Penguin Meets Mary Poppins

I am currently working with my fellow classmates on our Senior Short. The short is titled The Penguin Meets Mary Poppins, and tells the tale of Mary and the Penguin meeting before they became a nanny and a villain. I am part of several elements of the pre-production process, including Character Design, Storyboarding, Editorial/Story, Animatic, and Key Frame Illustrations. We are currently wrapping up Storyboarding and are hoping to have our final 2D Animatic by this Friday. We hope to have final Character Packs by next week, as well as Key Frame Illustrations. The Environments Team is also wrapping up on final Environment Packs and Set Packs. We are also hoping to have a rough 3D layout of cameras before the end of May!

The First Draft of my Lighting/Texturing Demo Reel

6:21 PM Posted by Rebecca Forth

This is the demo reel that I sent in for the position of Lighting Intern at Pixar Studios in Emeryville, CA. I'm hoping I get it, but if I don't, it definitely won't be the end of the world.

My next deadline will be for Walt Disney Animation Studios, which is April 20th. I'm hoping to add more to this reel and polish it.