Walt Disney Internship

4:17 PM Posted by Rebecca Forth

I haven't posted for a while now, so I figured it is time to do so. Big things are already happening this summer for me! First off, I got accepted into Walt Disney Animation Studio's Summer Internship Program!! I am a lighting intern, so that means I need to brush up on my stuff to get ready. The internship officially starts on June 12th (Orientation Day), I begin working in the studio on June 15th, and the internship ends on August 21st. I still can't believe I got it, it seems so surreal!! I will be going to Disney's studio in Burbank, CA and will be sharing an apartment with fellow interns. Here's what the studio looks like:

I am beyond excited for this!!

I also got the position of lab monitor at my school, in the DAC Labs. Now I get paid for living there!! Hahaha! Just kidding, I actually do work there.

I also finished my finals for the semester just last week. My first final was for Character Animation. I polished and added to my previous animation video "Weapon of Choice." Here is it is:

Weapon of Choice Character Animation Final from Rebecca Forth on Vimeo.

My other final was a Fluids Project, which...well...wasn't phenomenal. It was supposed to be a glass of water, with a fish in it being poured into a fish bowl. For some reason, the particles in Realflow did not really like my glass mesh and went straight through the mesh when the glass tipped over. I resized the glass and even remodeled in Maya before exporting it back out to Realflow. In the end I just went with what I had and tried to use caustics and ray-tracing to my advantage.

Rebecca Forth Fishbowl Fluids Final from Rebecca Forth on Vimeo.

Weapon of Choice Pre-Viz

1:24 PM Posted by Rebecca Forth

This is the video for my animation of the "Weapon of Choice" music video by Fat Boy Slim. I won't be animating the entire (4 1/2 minutes!) video, but just some bits and pieces. This video is the pre-visualization, Pose-to-Pose, rough animation. I am going through breakdowns and polishing right now.

Rebecca Forth Weapon of Choice Pre-Viz from Rebecca Forth on Vimeo.