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4:17 PM Posted by Rebecca Forth

I haven't posted for a while now, so I figured it is time to do so. Big things are already happening this summer for me! First off, I got accepted into Walt Disney Animation Studio's Summer Internship Program!! I am a lighting intern, so that means I need to brush up on my stuff to get ready. The internship officially starts on June 12th (Orientation Day), I begin working in the studio on June 15th, and the internship ends on August 21st. I still can't believe I got it, it seems so surreal!! I will be going to Disney's studio in Burbank, CA and will be sharing an apartment with fellow interns. Here's what the studio looks like:

I am beyond excited for this!!

I also got the position of lab monitor at my school, in the DAC Labs. Now I get paid for living there!! Hahaha! Just kidding, I actually do work there.

I also finished my finals for the semester just last week. My first final was for Character Animation. I polished and added to my previous animation video "Weapon of Choice." Here is it is:

Weapon of Choice Character Animation Final from Rebecca Forth on Vimeo.

My other final was a Fluids Project, which...well...wasn't phenomenal. It was supposed to be a glass of water, with a fish in it being poured into a fish bowl. For some reason, the particles in Realflow did not really like my glass mesh and went straight through the mesh when the glass tipped over. I resized the glass and even remodeled in Maya before exporting it back out to Realflow. In the end I just went with what I had and tried to use caustics and ray-tracing to my advantage.

Rebecca Forth Fishbowl Fluids Final from Rebecca Forth on Vimeo.


Jake Wright said...

Hey Rebecca, I've looked through a lot of your lighting work and I think it's really cool. I also want to do CG lighting or compositing and I was wondering what the people at Disney look for in an intern. I'm a 3rd year MediaArts student from Indiana so if you still check this blog please don't hesitate to comment back and give some pointers! Thanks, -Jake

Rebecca Forth said...

Hi Jake!

Thanks for checking out my blog! I haven't updated in a while... I been super busy at work. I have about 10 posts that are sitting around as drafts...

As for the Disney Internship, it's difficult for me to say what exactly they look for, seeing as I'm not a recruiter. But, during my internship I gathered an all around idea of it.

While it may sound cheesy, I think passion for the industry and crafting films is one of the most important things they look for. You really have to make sure they can read your passion for the animation and for being an artist through your reel, resume and cover letter. If you are passionate about being a lighting artist, then it will show through your work.

Your knowledge of the production pipeline of a animated feature is another very important asset to have. Knowing the how each part of the pipeline functions and connects with the other disciplines is an essential. I'm sure you have learned about this in your 3D animation courses.

Finally, practice is important as well. It's tough to find a lightinhg scene to practice on, Pixar Lighting Artist Jeremy Birn has a great website with free scenes to light, 3drender.com. He also has written a great book on 3D lighting called Digital Lighting and Rendering, definitely worth a read. It covers the basics of lighting as well as specific techniques. It also is good to learn about live action lighting too, knowing how light works in the real world gives you a better understanding of how light reacts in the real world, one book I find essential for learning the workings of light in the real world is Painting with Light by John Alton (Cinematographer: The Big Combo, An American in Paris).

I hope this helps you out! Again, I can't say what exactly recruiters look for in internship candidates, but I think that a passion and knowledge of lighting are very crucial assets to have as a lighting artist.


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