Walt Disney Summer Internship: Days 1-3

8:47 PM Posted by Rebecca Forth

Here's a run down of the past three days, I can only tell you certain things because I am under a confidentiality contract with Disney. There are a lot of things I am not allowed to discuss with anyone outside the studios.

Anywho, Monday was my first day at the animation studios. We all got a full tour of the place (which took most of the day), had lunch, and got settled at our desks. I saw so much beautiful artwork and concepts up on the walls from their two future productions (which I can't name) and also from the Princess and the Frog. Later, another intern got a "special story assignment" to go and pick up a "special story object" from Anaheim (which is about 2 1/2 hours away with traffic) and I'm the only intern with a car, so I offered to take him, and of course 3 other people had to come to. The "object" turned out to be a big white banner all taped up, and when we got to the destination the person just gave it to us and made us leave. We had just sat in rush hour traffic for 2 hours and they just hand us the object and shoo us away!!! So we decided to get even by buying a heavy duty white shower curtain (which played a convincing white banner) and burn, shred, cut, run over, and dirty it up. When we handed it to the Story head yesterday he thought it was hilarious!! It was really funny.

Yesterday I met my mentor, who will be the person teaching me while I am here at Disney, she is a lighting artist who has worked on Bolt, and Meet the Robinsons. She's very nice, I get to meet up with her again on Friday to get an assignment!!!

Today was a bit less hectic. I met a Disney legend, Burny Mattinson, who has been the head of Story for The Rescuers, The Great Mouse Detective, Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King. It was amazing to listen to him talk!! I then attended a figure drawing class, which they offer every week. Lastly I went to have a tour of the Walt Disney Animation Research Library, which is where they keep every last bit of original artwork made by Walt Disney Animation. It was amazing to be able to look at the original storyboards for 101 Dalmations!!

Until I post again!!