February Update!

4:04 PM Posted by Rebecca Forth

Since it's already February, I figure that it would be a good idea to post something!! I'll start off with some still frames from my student short: A Complex Villianelle, a parody of what might happen if the Penguin (the Batman villain) met Mary Poppins. I have been involved mostly in lighting, compositing and rendering. Here are a few stills from shots that I have been working on! I have only done the character lighting for these, the environment lighting was done by another student, Bryan Weathers.

This is one of our main characters, Mary Poppins, her primary character design and her model was made by fellow student: Ellie Reznikov.

And this fellow is the main character, The Penguin, based off of the classic Batman villain. This character was both primarily designed and modeled by Nathan Billington.

For compositing I have been using Fusion 5.2, because, lets face it, node-based compositing is far better than After Effects and /or Final Cut. We are sticking to a standard animation pipeline with this project:

We also have a basic rendering template that we are sticking to, using Renderman for Maya. The decision to use RfM has been both rewarding and challenging, mostly because of Renderman's dislike for our renderfarm.

Here's an uncomposited render:

And here's the fully composited image:

Other than that I've been working on a side project for my demo reel. I'm kind of trying to stick with a film noir theme. I found a bunch of images from a photo shoot for Vogue magazine and fell in love this image:

So I've been lighting with this image in mind. This project's on hold for now, seeing as I have a student short to work on...