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In an effort to actually USE this blog, I decided to give the low down on SIGGRAPH 'Aught 10!

For all who do not know of SIGGRAPH I'll simplify it for you:

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It is a massive conference for computer graphics held annually. This year it was at the Los Angeles Convention Center!!

My previous and first SIGGRAPH (2008) was also in LA! Last years was in New Orleans. I was busy with my internship at Disney when it occurred.

I attended most of the production sessions: Avatar, How to Train Your Dragon, Day & Night, and Alice in Wonderland. The Avatar talks and production sessions really explored how much technology was invested into the film. I had realized this before, but it way beyond what I had thought it was. I also had been somewhat quick to label James Cameron as a director who didn't really consider the huge connection between the work of CG artists and production crews. I thought that he imagined Motion Capture as some kind of magical tool, but he really deserves quite a bit more credit. During the Avatar production session, the panel speakers discussed the use of a virtual stage and camera, and even said that James Cameron himself did most of the camera work on the movie, which kind of shocked me.

Here's a short article on some of the tech used in Avatar:

This years SIGGRAPH didn't seem as big as 2008, maybe it was because it wasn't my first time there (?). The talks, panels and production sessions were very interesting, but the job fair seemed really disappointing. The point of the job fair is to offer job seekers the opportunity to apply face to face with a studio, but for the most part they would just hand you a flier and tell you to apply online. I understand that they didn't want to lug back a load of demo reels with them, but come on! We (the attendees) spent a good chunk of money, time and traveling to come and talk to people face to face. BUT! But, I still made quite a few new friends and connections. And I got a teapot!
The Renderman Teapot is always the big thing to get at the conference! The theme this yer was Mr. Potato Head (for TS3)! I got one with the blue hat, and the RMan User Group teapot.

I got to talk to quite a few recruiters and artists! I visited Disney (of course! They also sponsored the Geek Bar this year!) and got to see Dawn, Deb, Matt, Lance, John Murrah, Bruce, Scott, Bryan, Tanja, and got to meet a new Lighter Jorgé (I hope I spelled that correctly)! I also visited Sony Imageworks, Rhythm & Hues, Nickelodeon Animation, Lucasfilms & ILM, Pixar, and Blue Sky. Sadly Dreamworks didn't have a booth or a suite this year, but their talk on the visual style of Dragon was excellent!

Summer 2010 Demo Reel

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I reworked my last demo reel to make it stronger and replaced two of my selected sequences with what I thought were much stronger pieces.

Rebecca Forth Demo Reel 2010 from Rebecca Forth on Vimeo.