Mocking Bird Animation Breakdown and ILM!

11:52 AM Posted by Rebecca Forth

So, it has been quite some time since I have posted to my blog, to which I blame procrastination and other issues. Anywho, I have finished the breakdown of my Dumb and Dumber animation, and have switched the tangents from stepped to spline which made a lot of my hard work look incredibly mushy and unattractive. None-the-less, I am still moving forward! I had the opportunity to have Jason Schleifer, who's most recent work was as the Head of Character Animation on Megamind, review my work and he gave me a lot of great critique and ideas!

I was relying a bit too heavily on the reference video which, as Jason pointed out, kind of took the life and creativity out of the animation. Also, I hadn't taken the initiative to really examine the eyelines of the characters, which are rather offset through the entire clip. So, I do have quite a bit of cleaning up to do, but I can't wait to finish!

Mocking Bird Animation Stepped to Spline from Rebecca Forth on Vimeo.

On another note, I FINALLY have a job!! Yay!!! I accepted the role of Resource Assistant at Industrial Light and Magic just about 10 days ago! It's not an artistic position, but it is an important role in the production pipeline!! My recruiter described it as "Digital File Management." So, San Francisco here I come!